Booroola is a Chinese company that produces a range of men and women's garments made entirely from 100% Australian marino wool.


As Aussie as it gets.

We were tasked with producing a campaign for Booroola's latest range of garments. The brief was to ensure we had a stereotyped Australia, as it was marketed to the local Chinese market who love everything Australian. The client needed a feature video with smaller cut downs for social media, as well as supporting still imagery and clean studio product photos.

What was done...

Holy sheep!

How we did it

We produced the outdoor component at our mate's farm in Kyneton, and the studio part in our Fitzroy office. We had a small team of two, who shared responsibilities across both photo and video components of the production.

"We are so happy with Tekni for producing this campaign, we can't wait to work with them in the future. "

June Cui

Managing Director