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Gallantoro is a unique online destination dedicated to reviving the spirit of what it means to be a gentleman. At Gallantoro, you'll find a plethora of unique products focusing on quality and craftsmanship, as well as discussion forums and editorial articles that speak to the gentleman in us all.

Gallantoro - Tekni Creative

Kickstart this!

The brief

We have been working with Gallantoro for over 3 years now, and have been their go-to agency for quality content. This time around, they had produced a special product and needed us to capture it in all its glory. The Gallantoro HALO is an all-purpose compendium designed and made in Australia. We were tasked with shooting their static product images, lifestyle images as well as producing a Kickstarter video about the product.

What was done...

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Stills & video, we do it all.

How we did it.

The production spanned multiple days, starting in our Melbourne studio and finishing at the manufacturing warehouse in Sydney. The images have been widely revered, and the creative stop-motion GIF's have been instrumental in the success of their advertising campaigns.
The video was shot with our Creative Director and a Sydney-based DOP and editor. We delivered a feature cut (2 min), as well as multiple cut downs for advertising and social media purposes.

Gallantoro - Tekni Creative
Gallantoro - Tekni Creative
Gallantoro - Tekni Creative
Gallantoro - Tekni Creative
Gallantoro - Tekni Creative

"The boys at Tekni are amazing, I’ve worked in film and TV for years and their production value, as well as creative sense, was better than most I’ve ever worked with. On our project, they delivered great quality work in all facets as well as being great guys to work together with."

Roger Sciberras

Co-founder, Gallantoro