Founded in 2018 by partners Steve Calder and Jordana Jaya, Informale has already made waves in the global Menswear scene, featured in GQ, Permanent Style and Manolo Sweden. With customers from dozens of countries around the globe, they aspire to show the world of Men's Fashion what Melbourne is capable of creating. The vast majority of their garments are made locally in Melbourne, in a small workshop owned by a second generation Italian family. They source their trimmings and finishings locally as well, doing everything they can to support the small garment manufacturing industry in Melbourne.

It's all in the detail.

Kick-starting Informale

We were tasked with building Informale's E-commerce solution as well as refreshing their product imagery for both the website and social media.

What was done...

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Crisp as chips.

How we shot it.

All of the images were taken in our Melbourne-based Studio, using a Profoto D1 flash and reflector. We wanted to show the relaxed feel of the garments, so we rolled up the backdrop to keep a casual / carefree attitude.

"The team at Tekni are professional and knowledgeable. They gave us expert advice and worked diligently with us through the entire process of building a new website and freshening up our product imagery. I would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking to do the same."

Steve Calder

Managing Director, Informale

Simplified E-Commerce

We decided to use Shopify for the CMS due to the small nature of the business. This made it easy for the client to add/ change products, view in-depth marketing and analytics, integrate with social media and 3rd party plug-ins and scale when the time is right. Shopify is a great solution for many SMB's who'd like to sell online with ease.